Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday Set List: November 21, 2010

Intro Theme:
Jesus Loves The Little Children
Opening Songs:
Hosanna (Praise Is Rising)
Blessed Be Your Name
Ministry Promo
Pre-Advent Reading
Be The Centre
Spiritual Encouragement - Scripture Memorization Achievement
Come and Fill Me Up (Sung as a solo)
Offering Song:
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
Closing Song:
Our Father In Heaven

This week seemed to work well. It felt a little off from the stage but it apparently went well. We cut down the songs by two and it helped the leader a lot. We tried something different closing our service: The song "Our Father In Heaven" has a benediction as the chorus and so we sung the chorus twice, then played quietly as the leader dismissed the congregation but also invited them to take the chorus as their benediction, then we sang it a Capella, which turned out beautifully and brought the band back into it after singing the chorus through once and then finished off the song. This blog was started to participate on for the set list review forum. (

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